Teachers. Are. Fried.

Now What?

No matter what K-12 school model we teachers find ourselves in, from online only to hybrid to “all-in” with a zillion protocols, our worlds have flipped upside down, and we sometimes have to fight to be understood — or just buck up and be misunderstood.

Unplug and Reboot: How Teachers Can Survive and Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Classroom

Award-winning journalist and writing instructor Joe Stevens weaves together practical self-care tips and classroom issues that have surfaced during the pandemic in the forthcoming book Unplug and Reboot.

“How can I inspire my students if I’m not doing something inspiring?” … Stevens explores creativity’s myths and realities in a local TEDx talk in Southern California.

The Snooze Button Generation

After 11 years and 1.3 million views, the Snooze Button Generation blog continues to attract readers drawn to Joe’s voice and perspective on education, pop culture, personal growth and more.

From a Gen X point of view, the Snooze Button Generation blog reminisces about a time when pop culture brought people together and addresses where we are in 2021.

100 Nonfiction Books I Recommend.
“So many books, so little time.”

Stevens recently reviewed 100 of his favorite nonfiction books in 100 days.

“If students remember more of what they feel in our class than the actual material, why don’t we devote more time to our own emotional growth and how to connect emotionally?”

From Chapter 1, “Our Emotions,” of Unplug and Reboot.

“It turns out that improved communication not only helps our teaching and personal life, but our well-being as well.”

From Chapter 11, “Communication,” of Unplug and Reboot.